Change IT Project Management 

We believe very strongly in visible executive leadership and will look for the sponsor of any effort we are involved with to take an active role in setting the direction and the spirit into the team.  

Our approach & methodology

We believe very strongly in visible executive leadership and will look for the sponsor of any effort we are involved with to take an active role in setting the direction and the spirit into the team. Beyond that we have a pallet of in-house developed or enhanced tools which we will be utilising: 

MSP (for programme & change management) and Prince 2 (for projects) are our foundation upon which we will build an approach professionally tailored to your needs. 

Business requirements gathering will be done primarily through professional workshops as well as individual meetings with key stakeholders.

White paper drafts, business analysis, research, business case formalising.

Stakeholder management and clear two-way communication plan is at the core of how we work and there is particular attention paid to building robust bridges and relationships between the Business and IT.

Quantifiable benefits will be established from the planning stage and their achieving can be clearly measured in the KPI’s the we will establish as part of any BI solution.

Blended Resources working with your people to assist on leading change. We resource tailored to the size and requirements of your project, from a combination of IT Projects own people or through our close partnerships or network of contract personnel handpicked for particular expertise.

Project Resourcing 

As well as our internal team we have access to a vast array of industry experts who the team have worked with on previous projects and assignments, offering the ability to hit the ground running and deliver excellent service and project delivery quickly and effectively. 

Methodologies and best practices  

We can instil a best practice approach into any organisation in a flexible and proactive manner. Our team have been instrumental in creating competitive advantages for our clients through IT & business architecture and robust stakeholder management, both internal and externally focussed. IT Projects believes that with the right blended business & IT architecture, operational processes, and business intelligence placed at finger tips, you will always have the competitive edge!!!

  • What is it?

    Formal in-house programme, project and portfolio management methodologies and practices based on best of breed foundations and tailored for your specific needs and capabilities 

  • What value does it bring?

    Ensure the management disciplines are formally recognized as best practice methods for successful change delivery

  • Why would you need it?

    Improve programme and project performance in delivering business benefits

  • What is it we can do for you?

    Create and roll out a tailored programme, project & portfolio management methodology and best practices emphasising business value

PMO setup and best practices

  • What is it?

    A governance, tracking and reporting function enabling improved & consistent performance in scoping & delivering programmes & projects 

  • What value does it bring?

    A structured organisational body for initiative governance whether programme, project or portfolio

    Establishes a portfolio and resource management process, ensuring that initiatives are selected and staffed based on their strategic priority

  • Why would you need it?

    Creates a communications and review process with executive management to ensure initiatives are consistently aligned with main business strategies 

    Improve the cost effectiveness of IT including visibility into redundant / overlapping activities, cost performance and resource utilisation

  • What is it we can do for you?

    We build PMOs using a common maturity model, building up from foundation processes through to P&PM management processes using best practice