Intelligent Workplace Solutions

Change IT can help you save 35% on average of your current print spend. Through thorough analysis and using our specialist knowledge of the print industry we are able to advise and deliver incredible cost savings which would be harder to attain otherwise. 

Benefits of Change-IT and IWS:

  • Savings in Print and Copy costs via Xerox Device Agent Software

  • Greater Control/Visibility of your Print and Copy Environments

  • Improved Cost Control/Productivity for IT and Purchasing

  • Global Environmental Improvements

  • Security/On Demand Print Applications

Change-IT have a certified Managed Print Services Provider that gives you confidence that you are working with a trusted advisor. Consumables are Automatically Ordered and Delivered just when you need them working with secure Xerox XDA software which monitors 24/7 all of the Printers, Multifunction Devices and Automatically Engineer visits when required.

End-Users have the access to check the current status of all Equipment and raise and any enquiries if required Implement the following Key Areas in the MPS solution:

Assess and Optimise

You understand your current Environment and your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Current Costs. We utilise a structured quick, full or bespoke project-based Service and bespoke to the clients requirements to meet their needs highlighting cost savings and where we can reduce your carbon footprint.

Secure and Integrate

The MPS solution ensures everything connects to your IT environment in a secure, compliant way and managing the right solution i.e. mobile printing with phone and tablets to manage our clients expectations/requirements all the way through the process dealing with all key point of contact within the business environment and concentrating on Key Factor especially Security/Control.

Automate and Simplify

Migrating customers to higher levels of Print and Document Management maturity, including converting paper-based workflows to digital and re-engineering processes for greater efficiencies to establish savings.

Knowledge and Experience

Our experience and knowledge of the large format print industry enables us to advise you and your business of the best solutions to keep costs low and return on investment high.

Our team of experts offer a wide range of print management services ranging from contract management to print management programmes.

  • Manage vendor selection, negotiation and contract management all tailored to your business according to resources and desired involvement.

  • Depending on your business requirements we analyze and evaluate all print related equipment, vendors and contracts.

  • We manage all contracts for onsite resources, vendor selection and negotiation to ensure you are getting the best possible deal.

  • Our team also manages all your print-related vendor selection, contract negotiation and contract management.