Licence Optimisation

Working with our clients to continually drive down costs across their software estates which returns annual  savings in excess of 38%.

Leaders In Our Field

Our global team of industry experts have negotiated some of the largest and most complex mega vendor contracts globally, for a wide variety of clients including domestic and international enterprises, as well as a variety of Public Sector organisations. They have many years’ experience of working with and for mega vendors, working to proven methodology to deliver specified client outcomes.

Our approach is made up of two key phases, typically delivered over a 3-to-12-month period depending on the complexity or scale of the engagement. During this engagement period we work in partnership with key IT stakeholders to help them articulate the overall requirement and harmonise it across all their affiliates or groups, to define an optimised (BoM) Bill of Materials and build the Optimal Licence Solution.

Phase 1: Optimal Licensing Solution

We start by understanding the value of your existing assets ‘post contract’ and the dependencies that those assets may have under the vendor’s maintenance programs. In this phase we carry out a rigorous analysis to understand what your organisation’s future demand looks like.

Core components include…

  • Technical workshops

  • Future demand & technology gap

  • Server & desktop optimisation

  • Optimised Bill of Materials

Phase 2: Optimal Contract Solution

Only when we have complete clarity from phase 1, can we then create and execute a Strategic Procurement & Negotiation Plan. We then work alongside or on behalf of our clients during vendor negotiations to delivers best in class commercial and contractual terms.

 Global pricing review

  • Commercial & contractual benchmarking

  • Billing & taxation recommendations

  • Procurement strategy & negotiation support.

Clarity, Preparation & Expertise

We put you firmly in control of your vendor negotiations. If you’re looking to optimise your licensing and cloud services, gaining the ‘Best in Class’ commercial and contractual terms, then we are here to support you throughout the process. We help bridge the technology gap between what you have now and what your future demand will be for the next 3-5 years.

Our approach is not exclusively focused on a contract negotiation. We start by focusing on what your actual consumption needs are to develop a lean, optimised and detailed Bill of Materials (BOM). We use this granular view of actual needs alongside a sympathetic approach to contract agility to develop a strategic negotiation plan. We will support you throughout your negotiations with vendors to achieve the optimal commercial and contractual outcomes. During this process our team of experts who are typically former vendor negotiators will share targeted Insights to ensure the final Best and Final Offer (BAFO) benchmarks well using our proprietary pricing intelligence benchmarking.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • We ensure our clients are…

  • Able to achieve on average 38% savings

  • Aligned to future demand

  • In control & informed

  • Prepared & negotiation ready

  • Backed by specialist expertise