Corporate and Social Responsibility

Good for People - Good for our Planet

Change IT are dedicated to having a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework to incorporate well-being, environmental projects and practices, striving towards a better future for our employees and our planet .

Our corporate goals are to:

  • Seek ways to work with our suppliers to sell sustainable products.
  • Work with companies who do not sell or produce counterfeit goods.
  • Reduce our packaging waste by up-cycling existing packaging or consolidating orders where possible.
  • Use corporations who are like minded passionate & actively demonstrate their contributions to reducing the planets carbon footprint.
  • Collaborate with our supply chain partners to mitigate illegal and unethical trading.
  • Use suppliers who share the same values & goals with respect to the Modern Slavery Act.

Our CSR approach is to:

  • Foster a culture of wellbeing & happiness in our business

  • Comply with Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Act, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery, Security and Environmental legislation

  • Provide opportunities to those unemployed in local communities through our recruitment program

  • Continue to employee apprentices.

  • Source products and services from local suppliers when & where feasible

  • Endure an environmental program to drive sustainability & mindfulness in our workplace and beyond

  • Support & participate in education events and promote work shadowing in the community

Our Environment

Change IT is dedicated to sustainability incentives that influence our daily operations in addition to ensuring compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory obligations.

Our company car policy stipulates employees in our company car scheme drive hybrid and or fully electric vehicles to reduce the impact on our carbon emissions. Our Agile Program harnesses conferencing technology, reducing the need for travel. When our employees do need to travel, we encourage the use of public transport as well as our cycle to work scheme.

Our IT Usage Policy stipulates the mindfulness of our employees to turn off IT equipment at the end of their working day, or when not in use, to reduce the amount of energy consumption.

We operate a clean desk policy which includes a central printing policy, saving unnecessary paper wastage & reducing our carbon footprint.

We work with an external organisation to help us seek new ways of contributing to our environmental objectives both internally and legislatively.

Our employee Family

We don’t sacrifice work life balance in the pursuit of performance, which is why having a healthy, happy team is key to a successful, sustainable business. Change IT has a very strong family orientation and our employees are encouraged to spend quality time with family, whilst maintaining a high standard of work ethics.

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones – with this in mind, we close our business between Christmas and New Year to ensure our staff are able to have some downtime, recharge their batteries, be at home and come back to work refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Our company promotes mental and physical health and welfare. We provide a confidential free 24- hour helpline service to all our employees should they need any support or guidance for issues.

We have Health and Safety and Employee Handbook policies in place to support our employees & keep them safe.

Our Management team have an ‘open door’ policy & we encourage our employees to actively participate in idea sharing, with the intent of continuously improving ourselves and our processes.

We focus on the development of individuals to achieve team and organizational success. We are passionate about growing talent in our business, both organically and through top talent acquisitions. We actively participate in the Government Apprenticeship Levy Scheme & work with partners to nurture & develop young apprentices through our Training Academies.

We have created our own internal Change IT program which is a central, customer centric, Sales and Knowledge Enablement tool providing latest product and brand feeds, vendor and internal awareness training and solution qualification data to augment our customers’ experience. 

Our business is built on trust. Our Agile program is testament to the confidence we have in our workforce to get the job done, whether they are working at home, in the office or anywhere else. We consistently maintain high ethical and integrity standards, enabling our staff to meet their business objectives.