This is Max
 - Max is our MD`s son – he suffers from an extremely rare Genetic Disorder called Angelman`s Syndrome which severely affects his Development both Physically and mentally. 

As a cause extremely close to the heart of Change IT Consulting, we wanted to do whatever we could to assist and aid the Angelman Community.

As such, in conjunction with Angelman UK  – the registered charity and foremost advocate of the Angelman plight, Change IT Consulting has entered into a partnership arrangement whereby it will contribute to the cause.

Helping Where We Can

Change-IT and its sister companies actively donate up to 10% of their net profits to this great cause every year.  Ask your Change representative how you can actively get involved  

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously, and you, the client will be actively included in the media attention of every placement.

We recognize that recruitment is not driven by sentiment alone, but our experience and capability ensure that not only do you get the very best recruitment service on the marketplace, but you can also assist in charitable causes at the same time and directly receive recognition as a result.

Please speak to your recruitment consultant about this unique strategy and help make a difference. .

It would be great if you joined us in supporting this cause
Support Angelman please donate   here