Change CaaS  “Capability-as-a-Service”

In addition to our standard Contingency based recruitment model, we also provide a more Outcome / Service based recruitment solution to counter-act any compliance (IR35) issues or when a more outsourced outcome is preferred.  


    Our Change-CaaS product is a flexible “call-off contract” (ir35 compliant) – this means it is a non-headcount driven, managed service, which can be scalable and agile to fit your need.  We work with our clients to deliver data and technology roadmaps focused on delivering and assisting public services. 

    Below is an example of some of the features and benefits. Feel free to call us and discuss your unique requirements.



      Fully outcome based Managed Service.  Scalable, flexible call-off contracts.      
      Non headcount-based, fully audit and risk compliant. Removes all admin costs and compliance issues
      Fully IR35 Compliant Negates need for ad-hoc contingent based recruitment hires for project activity.  Reduces time to hire by circa 80%
      Fully agile and scalable project teams – programme and demand-based resource planning and forecasting    Quality control and targeted outcome – huge value add due to consultant expertise and better end results
      Direct access to fully compliant, vetted high calibre external consultants with relevant industry deliver experien ce    Budgetary control, forecasting, capacity, and price planning
      Fixed-cap pricing model.  Rate card coupled with MI price dashboard    Stronger programme controls, efficiency, and delivery measurables.  Easy to track project plan v outcome
      Fully autonomous outcome deliverable measurement via trigger-point dashboarding.     Digital roadmap consultancy based on digitalisation modelling
      Daily, weekly, monthly activity monitoring   
      Align, track, and comply to agreed strategic targets and overall service model on any service
      Full organisational audit and design   
      Full scale digital design and CMM across entire landscape.
      Create, design, and maintain TOM in line with the overall Service scope ensuring full architectural compliance    
      Allows a greater impact in to overall programme delivery.